Somehow through an interesting string of events, I now reside in Alaska. Not coastal, pretty Alaska. Inland, cold, middle-of-nowhere Alaska.

Columbus, Ohio

This is rather different than living in Columbus, Ohio where my husband, son and I moved from. So it may have been -40 a few weeks ago and there is no shopping mall. Life here is livable, but different.

The basics about me: After high school I did what every midwest teen is expected to, I went to college. The Ohio State University was the time of my life. I met my current husband there and SURPRISE we’re having a baby! We happily were married and now have a wobbly legged one year old son. We moved to Alaska about six months ago and are currently enduring our first arctic winter!

Downtown Fairbanks, Alaska

Why Alaska? Well, the job market up here has not been effected nearly as much as in the “lower 48” as they call the rest of the country. (Hawaii is South I know, but apparantly cool enough not to be included.) Our job situation in Ohio got scary and we packed up and moved to the last frontier. Within a month of moving my husband and I both began working again. I work a desk job where I am kind of a receptionist/ accounts receivable and my hasband is a manager at a large retail chain. Food is on the table, house is warm, and bills are getting paid. I take that for granted, and we are very lucky to have been so successful with our job search.

But seriously, why Alaska? Well, my husband was also born here. So with our growing family (baby two is now on the way, SURPRISE! I always say that surprise babies are the best kind), we decided it would also be nice to live close to family so our children could grow up with relatives, cousins, etc. and we couldDowntown Fairbanks, Alaska have help just around the corner if needed. Not to mention, free baby sitters!!



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